Simple. Natural. Beautiful.

With a true sense of place on islands lost in time, Tonga is endowed with long, sweeping beaches, dappled light, blue water and languid palm trees. It is also synonymous with simple, unhurried and traditional island life.

FENIU embodies these qualities and traditions and its products are as pure, natural and organic as the Tongan islands they call home.

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Tongan Coconut Oil 

An exceptionally hydrating face and body oil treatment to boost skin moisture and fight against signs of aging. Formulated with coconut oil and sandalwood oil to offer deep hydration for dry skin, improving skin tone, balance and radiance.

$79 + Free Shipping Australia Wide

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Anti-Aging Hydrator

An exceptionally nourishing moisturiser to boost skin hydration and fight against signs of aging.

$94 + Free Shipping Australia Wide

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FENIU Gift Box

The perfect gift! Our FENIU gift box contains the Tongan Coconut Oil & Anti-Aging Hydrator. It comes stylishly wrapped in our premium gift box.

$173 + Free Shipping Australia Wide

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Proudly Australian, inspired by the traditions of Tonga.

Our products introduce the beauty and traditions of island living to the modern world through the creation of natural products that nourish the body and skin.


Our culture is based on sharing your blessings with those you are responsible for. One of the beautiful aspects of Tongan society is our focus on sharing. From stories to resources, we share our blessings with joy and thanksgiving.

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Giving Back

We believe in acknowledging our roots and giving back to the island nation. As part of our mandate to create these beautiful products, we were keen to ensure the community – in particular, the younger generation – could benefit from the process.

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