Our Story

We are inspired by the traditions of Tonga, where the people live in harmony and equilibrium with each other and with nature. FENIU embodies these qualities and traditions, using only the most natural, fresh and organic ingredients to nourish our bodies and skin.


Meet the founder

Mele Feniu Olivetti grew up in a Tongan household where she was immersed in the centuries’ old practice of using coconut infused oils on a daily basis as a completely natural and gentle moisturiser for the face, body and hair.

Untouched by additives, processes or synthetic elements, the oils are the fundamental beauty regime of Tongan households.

“Having used oils as part of my daily ritual since I was a little girl, I have seen first hand the remarkable benefits of these naturally inspired ingredients. As a result, I saw an opportunity to create products that are genuinely organic and beautiful in their natural forms and wished to share with the world.”